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The Great Writer and Actor of Jasper and Casper

From the moment Jason Wood’s opens his mouth, his audience is transported to the magical world of “Flour a Lore” and is taken along for the ride in this magical adult fairy tale. Reminiscent of a storybook read aloud, Woods paints a vivid picture of a far away land, awakening the audience’s imagination. Through his use of descriptive imagery and his investment in performance, the lack of costumes, props and sets goes unnoticed. The heightened language, bold characters and powerful themes set The Near Disaster of Jasper and Casper apart from other theatrical experiences.

Not only does the script smartly use heightened syntax but it is self aware and quite funny! The word play and rhyme schemes utilized throughout the story feel unique and leave the audience in stitches. Its themes of belonging, family and compassion make this hero’s journey relatable and deeply impactful. Perhaps you cannot relate to the slaying of a dragon or the search for a magic chalice but who among us can say they don’t empathise with the pain of feeling different from those around us and searching for our people.

The best part of the show is Wood’s character work. His variety of accents, voices and physicality made the story completely enthralling. He deftly switches from character to character without confusion. At no point is the audience unsure about who is speaking. The characters perfectly lend themselves to the comedy and heart of the script and make the story all the more captivating. Wood’s impeccable storytelling engages his audience and their imaginations. In a world often filled with bleak, dark stories this uplifting tale feels like a breath of fresh air and is an enjoyable experience for the audience from start to finish. He takes his audience on quite a magical journey before leaving them at the end changed for it.

“The Near-Disaster of Jasper and Casper” Written and Performed by Jason Woods October 27, 2021 at 7:30 PM United Solo

Theatre Row 410 W 42nd Street New York City


CARMEN BURBRIDGE is a Brooklyn based actor and writer, originally from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. They have worked with New Dramatists, Portland Playhouse and The Farm Theater. It is her mission to create a convergence of hearts and minds in an effort to expose underrepresented stories and make the world a better place. They are passionate about trauma informed work, laughter, play and community.


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