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The Moms Are Alright

In the one-of-a-kind production, The Moms Are Alright, comedian and playwright Melanie White masterfully combines stand-up comedy and storytelling to delve into the themes of motherhood, infertility, and unconventional paths to parenthood. This unique blend of humor and heart creates a touching and hilarious narrative that resonates with anyone who has faced the challenge of trying to have a child.

The Moms are Alright shows the resilience and determination of a couple striving to become parents. Melanie White's journey tells of the unexpected twists and turns of life. The ironic twist of the show is that her mother-in-law becomes her supplier, adding a unique and heartwarming element to the story.

White captures her audience with her wit and humor. She skillfully navigates the complex emotions surrounding infertility and adoption. Her ability to find humor in heartache is refreshing and cathartic, allowing the audience to experience a full spectrum of emotions. The audience empathizes with the pit in White's stomach as she awaits hearing from the birth moms. We understand the disappointments and also feel her joy.

The structure and script are tightly composed, interweaving comedic monologues with dramatic storytelling. This keeps the audience engaged and invested in White's journey. The transition from laughter to moments of introspection is seamless, highlighting White's versatility as a performer and writer.

The Moms Are Alright is a triumph! Melanie White's unique blend of humor and heart creates a powerful theatrical experience that entertains and inspires. This show is a must-see for anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming a parent, faced obstacles along the way, or simply appreciates the beauty of finding family in unexpected places.

"The Moms are Alright"

Written and Performed by Melanie White

Directed by: Stephanie Garfias

March 28, 2024

The 16th United Solo Festival

March 4 – April 28, 2024

Theatre Row

410 West 42nd (btw 9th and 10th Avenue)


Yani Perez, M.F.A, is a poet, playwright, translator, and educator. Her plays have been presented in various theaters in the United States such as La Mama and Yale University as well as internationally in Bogotá, Colombia. She works at IATI Theater, one of the oldest Latinx theaters in NYC. She is currently working on translations of Latinx artists in hopes of introducing them to English-speaking audiences.


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