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Tennessee Rising

Jacob Storms in Tennessee Rising.

Tennesse Rising, written and performed by Jacob Storms, tells the story of Tennessee Williams in the earlier years before his acclaimed production, The Glass Menagerie.

Storms focuses on the six years leading up to Tennessee Williams's big break in the theatre industry. The play is well-researched, depicting the playwright's family life, struggles as a writer and romantic rendevous. Storm writes about Williams's sister's mental illness, which eventually leads to her being institutionalized. He includes his relationships with some of America's most notable artists and writers like Arthur Miller and Jackson Pollack. The play was as informative as it was entertaining.

Jacob Storms delivers an impressive performance. He exhibits incredible energy and holds the crowd's attention with his captivating storytelling. The simple yet nicely designed set complemented the performance.

Tennessee Rising is an entertaining and educational evening at the theater. It is playing at The Laurie Beechman Theatre until February 2- make sure to get your tickets!

"Tennessee Rising"

Written and Performed by Jacob Storms

Directed by Alan Cumming

January 19 - February 2, 2024

The Laurie Beechman Theatre (407 W 42nd St, NYC)


Yani Perez, M.F.A, is a poet, playwright, translator, and educator. Her plays have been presented in various theaters in the United States such as La Mama and Yale University as well as internationally in Bogotá, Colombia. She works at IATI Theater, one of the oldest Latinx theaters in NYC. She is currently working on translations of Latinx artists in hopes of introducing them to English-speaking audiences.


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