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Jess Darrow: Merry Mischief

Jess Darrow

Jess Darrow returns to 54 Below this season with her show Merry Mischief.

Jess Darrow known for her roles as Luisa Madrigal in Encanto and Sarah in Feast of the Seven Fishes comes back to 54 Below to share some of her holiday cheer or is it more like mischief....

Darrow is a powerhouse! She enters dressed in a white vest, pants and glitter boots. Those boots shine as bright as her infectious energy. She greets her audience, who absolutely adores her. She begins the show with the classic "Christmas is Here Again."

The roster of songs for the evening includes Christmas classics, pop, and Broadway. My favorites include "Me and Mrs. Jones," "Suddenly, Seymour," (Duet with Diane Guerrero) "Last Christmas" (Duet with Diane Guerrero), and "How Deep is Your Love." Darrow's beautiful singing voice is melodious, enchanting, and captivating. She has a rich and resonant tone with a wide vocal range. Her voice is expressive, conveying deep emotions that connect with audiences. She invited special guests Diane Guerrero and Tomás Matos, who added to the dynamic energy of the evening.

Jess Darrow's, Merry Mischief was a delightful evening to share in the holiday merriment of the season.

"Jess Darrow: Merry Mischief"

Performed by Jess Darrow

Produced and Directed by Jess Darrow and Ali J. Berkowitz

Music direction by Ashley Grace Ryan

December 15, 2023

54 Below

254 W 54th St. Cellar, NYC 10019


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