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Epidermis Circus

Ingrid Hansen in Epidermis Circus. Photo by Hélène Cyr.

Epidermis Circus describes itself as a ‘spicy puppet cabaret.’ With a description like that, one can imagine a weird night to follow. Surpassing the world of the weird, the zany antics of Epidermis Circus live in a universe of absolutely absurd.

Upon the show’s beginning, Ingrid Hansen, a puppeteer for The Jim Henson Company’s Fraggle Rock, enters through the back of the SoHo Playhouse and makes friends with the audience. She dawns a grand and campy costume designed by JIMBO (winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race). As she continues towards the stage, she sheds it for a simple black bodysuit, which allows her to disappear into the darkness. A table standing stage-right holds a camera that magnifies and projects her hands onto a large screen. Hansen gets herself settled behind it so her puppets can take the spotlight.

Hansen has extensive puppetry experience as a puppeteer for The Jim Henson Company’s Fraggle Rock. Her chops are quickly proven as she embodies various wacky cabaret characters with only her hands. The precise movements of every finger are immensely impressive and awe-inspiring. As she contorts her hands to become a grandma, a dog, a baby, and more, the characters of Epidermis Circus blossom into full life.

A mirror is ingeniously used to assist in creating the characters, though Hansen’s silly disposition is what really sells the show. She is goofy, raunchy, and quite clever and masterfully straddles the world of puppets and performers.

Under the direction of Britt Small, Epidermis Circus is not just a show to watch but an experience to be a part of. The inclusion of audience involvement, the use of tiny props, and the moments away from the magnified puppet table keep the show flowing and lively. Epidermis Circus demands your focus and always holds your full attention, making you an active participant in the performance.

Epidermis Circus is the perfect event to turn your brain off and your laugh box on. Looking to catch it while it’s still on tour? Epidermis Circus will perform next in Victoria, BC, at the Incoming Festival of Intrepid Theatre!

"Epidermis Circus"

Co-created and Performed by Ingrid Hansen

Co-created and Directed by Britt Small

March 20- March 24, 2024

The SOHO Playhouse (15 Vandam St, NYC)


Jaycie Buben is a fast-paced brain in an unhurried body. They are the wearer of many hats- Writer, Actor, Singer, Creator, beanie, baseball cap, etc. After completing their BFA in Acting at Shenandoah Conservatory, Jaycie moved to New York to explore and expand their creative passions. Some of their favorite credits include assistant directing Macbeth (The Tank), playing the titular role in Ajax (Hypnos Theatre and Performance), and writing poetry/essays/genre-defying mind blips (Jaycie’s bedroom). Jaycie’s creative work is inspired and driven by exploring the nuanced relationship between opposing forces.



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