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Wendy-Lane Bailey Presents "Remembering My Dreams" at the United Solo Theatre Festival's 16th Season

Wendy- Lane Bailey

Wendy-Lane Bailey, Associate Artistic Director of the United Solo Theatre Festival, is set to perform her captivating solo show, Remembering My Dreams, at Theatre Row. This theatrical concert, directed by Omar Sangare, Artistic Director of United Solo, delves into the music of renowned composer Michele Brourman.

Wendy-Lane Bailey, known for her powerful classic pop voice and fearless approach to genre, brings her distinctive artistry to this unforgettable performance. The show features a repertoire of a dozen songs composed by Michele Brourman. While many of the songs were composed solely by Brourman, several were written with longtime collaborators such as Amanda McBroom, Karen Gottleib, Adryan Russ & Hillary Rollins.

"Omar and I are thrilled to be presenting Remembering My Dreams at Theatre Row, our United Solo home for sixteen seasons," says Wendy-Lane Bailey. "This show is a heartfelt tribute to my musical director, producer, and friend Michele Brourman's remarkable music. Her songs speak directly to the experience of being human and all the joys, tribulations, trials and triumphs that come with it."

Director Omar Sangare expresses his enthusiasm for the production, stating, "Wendy-Lane Bailey's performance promises to be a mesmerizing celebration of Michele Brourman's beautiful compositions. Remembering My Dreams is a testament to Wendy-Lane's exceptional talent and Michele's enduring musical legacy. It is also our tribute to the solo artists who bravely bring their all to our stage season after season. They inspire us."

About Wendy Lane Bailey: Wendy Lane Bailey is a distinguished vocalist and performer acclaimed for her versatility and sophistication on stage. Her debut solo recording, "Breathing," was produced by Michele Brourman, showcasing Wendy-Lane's dynamic vocal prowess. She has graced stages nationwide and collaborated with esteemed artists such as Leslie Gore and Susan Egan. She studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, HB Studios and the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center. Off-stage While living in Washington, D.C., she founded a regional networking organization for musicians and for five years, was the Associate Director of the Cabaret Conference at Yale University. She received a 2007 Bistro Award for outstanding achievement and was nominated for a Washington Area Music Association Award. While serving on the board of NJ’s Pioneer productions, she produced, directed, and appeared in several theatre pieces. In 2020, she accepted the position of Assistant Artistic Director of the United Solo Theatre Festival. In addition to her performing work, she teaches and consults privately and in master classes for singers of all genres. Wendy-Lane's creative endeavors extend beyond performance; she is a dedicated advocate for fellow artists and has contributed significantly to the musical community through networking initiatives and educational workshops.

Photo by MaryAnn Halpin.

About Michele Brourman: is an award-winning composer, singer/songwriter, and pianist celebrated for her prolific contributions to stage, screen, and cabaret. Her iconic compositions, including "My Favorite Year," have been interpreted by legendary performers worldwide. Michele's extensive body of work encompasses animated films, Broadway productions, and collaborations with esteemed lyricists and librettists. She composed all the dance and incidental music for the Broadway production of Studs Terkel's "Working". For director Steven Kent, she has scored eight stage musicals, including the premiere of Jo Carson's award winning "Daytrips" at Los Angeles Theatre Center and another Jo Carson premiere, "Whispering to Horses", at Seven Stages in Atlanta, Georgia. Her theatre songs can be heard in Amanda McBroom's "Heartbeats". She also wrote the music for a collaboration with lyricist/librettist, Sheilah Rae, and librettist, Thomas Edward West which was "Josie and the Women of Tombstone". As musical director Michele has also worked with Amanda McBroom, Sandra Bernhard, Bernadette Peters, and Lesley Ann Warren. She composed the music for the 2006 film, The Adventures of Brer Rabbit. She has written special musical material for artists ranging from Aretha Franklin to Crystal Gayle, was a staff writer for NBC's John Davidson Show, and played piano in Bob Dylan's band. Her musical genius continues to inspire and resonate with audiences across generations.

About Omar Sangare: Omar Sangare graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, Poland, where he studied with the Oscar-winning director, Andrzej Wajda. He was awarded a scholarship to The British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England. While there, he worked with Derek Jacobi, Alan Rickman, Michael Kahn, and Jeremy Irons. Dr. Sangare holds many film, television, and radio credits. For his one-man drama “True Theater Critic,” he was voted The Best in Acting by The New York International Fringe Festival. The New York press acclaimed his lead part in the Arena Players Repertory Theater production of “Othello.” Barbara Delatiner wrote for The New York Times—“Omar Sangare was born to play Othello!” His published literary work includes six books and many essays and articles for various magazines and newspapers. Accompanied by great American writers such as Robert Pinsky, and Susan Sontag, he promoted Polish literature in the United States. In 2011, he was selected by the U.S. Department of State for a video project that appeared as part of President Obama’s trip to Poland. In 2012, he was named “Person of the Year” by for “a significant contribution to the NYC theater landscape.” In 2013, Sangare performed along John Guare in Atlantic Theatre’s “Three Kinds of Exile,” in a role, which Guare wrote especially for him. Dr. Sangare is a founder and artistic director of UNITED SOLO, the world’s largest solo theatre festival, a resident company at Theatre Row on 42nd Street in New York City. Currently, he serves as Chair of the Theatre Department at Williams College.

Show Credits

Performer: Wendy-Lane Bailey

Director: Omar Sangare

Musical Director: Michele Brourman

Music Direction/Keyboards: Beth Falcone

Bass: Ritt Henn

Lighting Designer: MC Deffely

Video Designer: Kostek Konopinsky

Sound & Projection Engineer: Maciek Pieta

Remembering My Dreams will take place on Saturday, April 27, at 7 p.m. at Theatre Row. Tickets can be purchased through the Theatre Row Box Office or online via the United Solo Theatre Festival website.

For the complete schedule and tickets, please visit or


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