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United Solo Theatre Festival 2022

From October 3rd through November 20th, the world's largest solo theatre festival will take place at Theatre Row in New York City. The 13th United Solo Festival will present performances from across the country and worldwide. This year's festival will feature a range of talent, including incredible actors, directors and writers, as well as diverse themes, topics, styles and worlds filled with emotions. Audiences will be sure to find their favorite from the array of comedies, dramas, autobiographies, and even musicals presented this year.

The 13th United Solo Festival will present talented American and international performers. Some include a Romanian gold medalist at the 35th International Mime and Drama Festival in Serbia, Paul Cosma-Cimpoieru in his show "HOMO AMERICANUS," and Fadik Atasoy, a Turkish actress and director in Muse90401.

This year's audiences can also expect returning artists like 2021 United Solo Best Encore Award winner Lilly Dennis with her Chocoholic and Michelle Felice Hartley's Life Encounter 2, a story about racism and discrimination in the 21st century. Jannica Olin's "(IM)PERFEKT" breaks the stereotype of "perfect people" and the impossible image and standard of beauty. Tina DeVaron's Fingernails in the Side of the Cliff challenges gender inequality.

As much as this year's plays can show us how to see the world through artistic "pink glasses," some performances will show the realities of society. One theme explored this year is that of mental health. In "BIPOLAR & THE ENGLISH CHANNEL," Julie Ridge tells of her "journey back to sanity" in two acts. Chris Fuller will share his inspiring story about chasing dreams despite the difficulties that come with bipolar disorder in his play Cheese Fries & Froot Loops. We also welcome Bella Florence back in DISORDERED, a play that explores the relationship between food and self-acceptance. This year's shows are relatable and can hopefully help audiences understand that we are not the only ones facing struggles.

The 13th United Solo Festival will also have numerous musical performances. Jonathan Gillard Daly, a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize, will perform his poetry and storytelling accompanied by his life music during his Evening of Carl Sandburg. Also, Wendy-Lane Bailey, the Assistant Artistic Director of the festival, will present a story about women facing life's turning points in She has Wings which incorporates music by Michele Brourman. Dancing acts will also be part of the 13th Solo Fest. Performances like The Lion, the Witch & the Walk-In Closet by Kristy Beauvais, with direction by award-winning solo artist Kamakshi Hart, will tell the story of her life with the help of dance and music.

This year's festival will bring outstanding performances that address various topics, heartbreaking stories, artistic sensitivity, and humor. An important aspect of this year's festival is that it doesn't only showcase the good moments but also delves into hardships, acceptance and triumph.

We look forward to all the plays and talent at the 13th United Solo Festival.

The 13th United Solo Festival

October 4- November 20, 2022

Theatre Row

410 West 42nd (btw 9th and 10th Avenue)


Zofia Gwiaździńska is a Philology Student at Vistula University in Warsaw, Poland. Her love for the theatre started when she got a job as an usher at the 6th Floor Theatre. She enjoys reading and writing.


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