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United Solo Festival’s 16th Season Debuts With Several Sold-Out Shows

Wendy- Lane Bailey

Opening March 4, 2024, United Solo, the world’s largest solo theatre festival, presents

eight weeks of scintillating solo theatre by new and returning artists from across the

globe. Several shows have already sold out, including “Mami, What's Your 20?” starring

Nadeen Gautier (April 17 SOLD OUT, second show added April 20) and “O Time”

starring David Zellnik (March 15 SOLD OUT, second show added March 27).

Get your tickets now for these other popular shows before they sell out: “PSA: Pelvic

Service Announcement” starring Amy Veltman (March 23), “The Vacations We Never

Took” starring Molly McCluskey (March 29), “Grit: One Woman's Evolution from Chaos

to Courage” starring Lisa Natale (March 19), and “My Mother Had Two Faces” starring

Karin Trachtenberg (March 14).

“GUAC: The One Man Show,” awarded Best Production at United Solo’s fall festival,

returns for encore performances March 8-10. Six years ago, Manuel Oliver’s son

Joaquin “Guac” Oliver was among the 17 murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High

School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018. Oliver created “GUAC,” a “searing”

(New York Times) tour-de-force theatrical experience about a father turned activist, his

undying love for his son, and the story of an immigrant family searching for the

American Dream only to instead be confronted by a uniquely American Nightmare.

GUAC is written and performed by Manuel Oliver, co-written by James Clements, and

directed by Michael Cotey.

“It makes me feel very connected to my son,” said Manuel Oliver of GUAC in an

interview with The New York Times. “I’m a father. I’m Joaquin’s dad. Fathers, that’s

what we do. We sit around the table, and we talk about our kids. I want to feel that I

also have that right. How am I using that right? Through theater.”

“I created United Solo to give solo artists a voice to speak about the world as they see

it,” said Omar Sangare, Founder and Artistic Director of United Solo. Sangre continued:

“I can think of no better example of this than Manuel Oliver’s GUAC. In telling the story

of his son, Manuel creates the space to start a conversation. This is what good theatre

does; it opens the door to changing our hearts and minds.”

“Through Manuel’s eyes, we are introduced to his son, which makes his loss all the

more palpable,” said Wendy-Lane Bailey, Assistant Artistic Director of United Solo. “We

keenly sense what has been left undone yet are inspired to move forward with joy and

empathy to make a difference.”

United Solo’s spring festival culminates with Festival Assistant Artistic Director Wendy-

Lane Bailey’s show, “Remembering My Dreams: The Michele Brourman Songbook,”

directed by Omar Sangare, on April 27; and United Solo’s Closing Night Gala on April

28, 2024. The Closing Night Gala features awards for outstanding productions,

including the Audience Choice Award.

For the complete schedule and tickets, please visit

Tickets are $50 and may be purchased at the Theatre Row box office:

For more info, facts, and figures, please visit our Press Center at Press inquiries should be directed to the festival’s

Communications Director, Stephanie Eagan, at or +1

(201) 787-4995.


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