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United Solo Closes 2023 SPRING SEASON With Grand Awards Gala

This year, the Festival launched an all-new Spring Season to expand United Solo’s solo performances at Theatre Row in New York City ahead of its Fall 2023 Festival.

The Spring Festival culminated in a two-act Closing Gala on March 26, 2023, at 7pm at Theatre Row. Wendy-Lane Bailey presented “She Has Wings,” a musical directed by Omar Sangare, with music by Michele Brourman.

In the second act of the Gala, United Solo Theatre Festival recognized the work of the Festival artists who presented their shows on stage at Theatre Row this Spring. In addition, United Solo recognized notable performances on their streaming platform, United Solo Screen.

The Festival is now accepting Submissions for its 2023 Fall Season at Theatre Row. Artists and companies can apply at:

The list of Awards for shows performed on-stage at Theatre Row includes:

Best Production: “SPADURA” performed by Starring Dahéli Hall

Best One-Man Show: “Tom Shillue: Spontaneous Combustion” by Tom Shillue

Best One-Woman Show: “SPADURA” performed by Starring Dahéli Hall

Best International Show: “Macbeth’s Lady Shaman” performed by Jiyoung Choi

The Festival Audience Choice Award: “Life’s Rich Pageant” performed by Rich Gustafson

Best Actress: Jodie Markell in “Leni’s Last Lament”

Best Actor: Mitchell Anderson in “You Better Call Your Mother”

Best Storyteller: Jessica Bashline in “Ann and Me: or The Big Bad Abortion Play”

Best Direction: Richard Caliban, “Leni’s Last Lament”

Best Encore: “The Miseducation of Ms. Freeman” performed by Alaina Freeman

Best Drama: “Blackout: A One Woman Show” performed by Hailey Henderson

Best Musical: “Things I Know Now…” performed by Nikki MacCallum

Best Comedy: “So She Married a Guido” performed by Guido Cocomello

Best Physical Theatre: “El mundo es una planta carnivora…” by María Kemp

Best Storytelling Show: “Too Fat for China” performed by Phoebe Potts

Best Autobiographical Show: “Losing My Religion” performed by Laura Ekstrand

Best Poetry Show: “t)re(equilt” performed by kARE: n____EiLbacher

Best Satire: “The Handmaid’s Dianetics Episode 1” performed by Joyce Miller

Best Dance Show: “TAL – An Award Winning Dance-Theater” by Tal Levy Cohen

Best NY Premiere: “Tales of a Blerd Ballerina” performed by Valoneecia Tolbert

Best Emerging Artist: Jackie Smook in “The Jackie Smook Program of De-Dumb-Ification”

Best Festival Debut: Dikelo Mamiale in “NEXT!!! auditions are not for the faint of heart”

Best Script: “Leni’s Last Lament” written by Gil Kofman

Best Lighting Design: Shane Matthews for ten shows at the Festival

All About Solo Critics’ Award: “Hold Still” performed by Susan Kuralt

Best Song: “Indian Boy” by Michele Brourman & Karen Gottlieb sang by Wendy-Lane Bailey

The list of Awards for shows featured on includes:

Best Screen Production: “Ella y Yo” by Gilda Mercado

Best Screen Drama: “Woody’s Order!” by Ann Talman

Best International Screen Solo: “Shadow Boxing” by Alex Montaldo

Best Screen Solo Performer: Sean Astin in “Fire in the Garden”

Best Poetry Screen Show: “Runnin’ to Grace” by Rashida K. Braggs

Best Autobiographical Screen Show: “My Dead Wife” by Mike Folie

Best Screen Storyteller: Christopher Tajah in “Under Heaven’s Eyes”

*The winner of the 2023 All About Solo Critics’ Award was chosen by the staff writers of

**The winner of the Audience Award was chosen in an online poll at United Solo.

***Winners are selected by an independent panel of over eighty theatre professionals, including The United Solo Academy Members

More information is available at:


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