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okay, bye!

Kaila Galinat's ok, bye! is a genre-bending queer romp about self-acceptance in the face of personal rejection. 

This show utilizes parody songs, stand-up comedy, and character study monologues to tell a story that is both big and small. Galinat takes the audience through a series of interpersonal turmoils, focusing on relationships with therapists and romantic partners. Galinat plays all the therapists and even their cat (acting as a pseudo-therapist). The show feels a bit like a variety show while maintaining a sense of dramatic action. At the start of the play, Galinat is in the midst of a messy breakup and full of self-doubt and insecurity. By the end of the show, they are finding a sense of peace with who they are. She ends without the crippling need for validation from another person, instead finding it within herself. While I was entertained by and appreciated the ambitious nature of this show, at times, it could have benefited from some edits. The vignettes were short and in between each one, long transitions took place, containing costume and set changes. The show needed a substantial run crew to support these transitions. If the artist focused on the story at the show's core and chipped away the parts that weren't necessary to tell that story, many of the transitions could be removed. This would make for a more cohesive play that feels less disjointed in its repeated blackouts and pauses between scenes. In addition, more focused storytelling would help the audience know what the show was trying to say and not get lost in all the additional details. 

Galinat is a raucously funny and charismatic presence onstage. Their comedic writing is smart and quick and their timing onstage is perfect; no punchline goes unhit, leaving the audience in fits of laughter. Her portrayal of the therapists suggests a skilled character actor. She paints a clear picture of each person (or cat) in their mannerisms and energy. Not only is she laugh-out-loud funny, but the emotionally poignant moments of the story ring true at every turn. They are powerfully vulnerable in this piece in a way that touches the audience and allows them to invest in the story from start to finish. I found myself resonating with parts of the story and reflecting on rejection in my own life. 

This show is a perfectly balanced dramedy. It is equal parts hilarious and emotional. ok, bye! is an incredibly strong debut for first-time playwright Kaila Galinat. 

“okay, bye!”

Written and performed by Kaila Galinat

Directed by Jasmine K. Bernard

April 9, 2024

Instagram: @kailagalinat

The 16th United Solo Festival

March 4 – April 28, 2024

Theatre Row

410 West 42nd (btw 9th and 10th Avenue)


Carmen! is a trans-multimedia artist specializing in playwriting, acting and crochet. Originally from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, they are currently based in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, returning to their Atlantic Oceanic roots. Their play Taking the Plunge has been performed at the Tank and the Chain off-Broadway and in the 2023 Fresh Fruit Festival slated this June. Carmen has also worked in front-of-house and technical positions for prominent theater organizations including New Dramatists, Portland Playhouse, Emursive and Future Proof. Carmen’s mission is to use play to create meaningful representation by and for underrepresented communities. For more information on Carmen! Follow them on socials @carmenacetosociety or check out


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