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Guidelines and Regulations for Staff Writers

  1. All About Solo owns the rights for all written and filmed work submitted to All About Solo. Staff Writers are considered as the author of their articles and will receive a credit for their work on all published material.

  2. Staff Writers MUST NOT submit their All About Solo commissioned work to other platforms, organizations, theatres, or businesses without formal approval from the Editor-in-Chief of All About Solo. If approval is granted, All About Solo must receive credit as the original publisher of the content created.

  3. Staff writers will be invited to attend solo performances throughout the NYC-metro area free of charge and then be commissioned to write a review on the performance. Under no circumstances is the Staff Writer allowed to give up or sell their show ticket to a friend, family member, or other party. Failure to abide by this regulation will result in termination.

  4. Staff Writers are encouraged to suggest shows they would like to attend and may be granted permission to do so by the Editor-in-Chief.

  5. If the Staff Writer can no longer attend the performance due to unforeseen circumstances, then they are responsible to inform the Editor-in-Chief as soon as possible to assure the possibility of finding another Staff Writer to replace their seat and attend the performance.

  6. All written work must be an original piece, not published elsewhere, and submitted to the Editor-in-Chief for formal approval before it is published.

  7. When submitting an article to the Editor-in-Chief at All About Solo, the Staff Writer must present quality material, written to the highest linguistic standards: by The Associated Press Stylebook or The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage. The Staff Writer takes full responsibility of the originality of his/her article in respect to the publication ethics, including any potential violation of plagiarism.

  8. Submitted work, including a title of the written material, will be subject to edits and revisions as seen fit by the Editor-in-Chief. It is the responsibility of the Staff Writer to comply with these edits and revisions.

  9. All written work is to be submitted no more than 3 days after the attended performance date. Failure to abide by this regulation can result in temporary or permanent suspension.

  10. Staff Writers must NOT engage in any communication with a third party. In the event that a third party may contact a Staff Writer, Staff Writers should notify the Editor-in-Chief of such circumstances and provide, with details, the third party responses. This can involve gratitude and compliments, negative feedback or requests, or any other response. This protocol will allow the protection of the Staff Writers from unnecessary turbulence in communication with the third party, and allow All About Solo to maintain the integrity of the publication and its staff.

  11. It is the responsibility of the Staff Writer to adhere to the accuracy of quotes from the performance when including them in their reviews. In case a Staff Writer is unsure of a specific line or quote from the performance, it is advisable to paraphrase in these circumstances.

  12. Staff Writers may feel compelled to write a review that is on the negative side if they believe the performance could be improved upon. When composing reviews that ere on a more negative perspective, Staff Writers are obligated to maintain consistency with the facts, and support their negative opinion in a well-detailed manner in their points of view.

  13. When submitting a review, the Staff Writer must suggest a star rating from 0.0 to 5.0 stars, whatever matches the quality of the show. In addition, the Staff Writer may recommend a show for recognition through the All About Solo Critic’s Choice. This, however, will remain under both the Editor-in-Chief and the Publisher’s final determination when the material is being considered for publication.

  14. As per ethical code, all Staff Writers are prohibited to submit their reviews when they are associated with a company they review by collaboration, personal connections, compensation, and any other relations that can be considered as a conflict of interest.  Please check with the Editor-in-Chief beforehand, if any of such instances may apply and become problematic, or seem to be  not fully clear to you, as a Staff Writer. Neglecting of potential birch can result in termination of serving as a Staff Writer for All About Solo and become an issue for the other publications compliant with a code of ethics.

  15. The Editor-in-Chief can, with or without notice, make appropriate changes to the Guidelines and Regulations for Staff Writers as seen fit.

Further inquiries should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief, Pat McAndrew at

The Star System for All About SOLO Reviews:

5 Stars – Extremely rare! Absolutely transformative, revolutionary, transcendent. A life-changing experience! You are not watching the show anymore! You are witnessing some distant places with stories that hit your mind, emotions, and body severely. You cry or laugh, or both, and never check your watch. Finally, you are surprised when it ends, compelled and eager to see it MANY times! And on your way home , and the next day, your life your perception on life has been transformed because of this performance.

4.5 Stars – Very rare! Fantastic in form, content, and execution. A truly great piece which you would find it nearly impossible to better.

4 Stars – Great show! Perhaps just one or a few elements which might detract from the overall performance, but not too many. Truly recommend!

3.5 Stars – Very good! A strong and assured performance of the kind this company should be making. You see a successful future for the show very soon.

3 Stars – Fair attempt. Well within this company’s capabilities to improve. This might be a success in the future. I recommend to follow their work.

2.5 Stars – The work is getting there, but it will take a considerable amount of extra time to convince. Fingers crossed, though. It is not the end of the road.

2 Stars – For some reason, it is not working. Some significant changes must be made: a topic, a form, a style, a length, or something. They should figure these things out.

1.5 Stars – Oh dear! Lazy, slacking, pretentious, or just plain bad: This company should do much better.

1 Star – Empty! Boring or irritating. I would love to be someplace else.

0.5 Star – No one should see it! It is bad beyond repair.

0 Stars –  This is not a show! I am sorry for myself.


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