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Hank Curry

Hank Curry presents three characters in his solo mime performance, Confusion, who are vexed by the little things that sometimes get under one’s skin. Curry wheels a suitcase containing his costume changes and props onto the bare stage. With his tremendously expressive face and body language, he turns the stage into city streets and a concert hall.

Curry plays off his malfunctioning props, from a handful of cell phones to a finicky music stand, in three comedic skits showcasing three amusing slices of life. In the first sketch, four cell phones are not enough to help a traveler find his way. In the second, a woman waiting for a bus is confounded by chewing gum. The third sketch is the most impressive: An orchestra conductor faces a sharply out-of-key instrument section. Curry voices the various instruments using ventriloquism. While the sour notes sound, the conductor continues, aghast. How Curry can look so disappointed as the conductor while covertly being the source of the sounds is a mystery.

Confusion is a celebration of classic pantomime. Audiences expecting an explicit narrative might be disappointed, but anyone who enjoys slapstick and strong characterization will be charmed. In a world where tech and effects are so abundant, this show is a joy to behold.


Performed and Written by Hank Curry October 21, 2022

The 13th United Solo Festival

October 4- November 20, 2022 Theatre Row 410 West 42nd (btw 9th and 10th Avenue)


STEPHANIE EAGAN is a professional writer based in NJ. A fan of every type of live performance imaginable, from taiko drumming to political performance art, she travels the tri-state area and beyond in search of music, art, theater, and excellent coffee.


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