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A Statement to the Responders

All About Solo values and respects the dedication, creative energy, and work that artists place into their theatre productions. It takes a great deal of courage to construct and perform in a solo production, and All About Solo stands firmly with its mission to support and celebrate solo theatre, and to introduce artists’ work to prospective audiences. One of the ways in which All About Solo supports solo theatre is by sending our team of Staff Writers to review solo performances in New York City, and in various other locations throughout the world. Any public performance of a play may be reviewed, regardless of whether our reviewer’s presence was requested by the production. Our Staff Writers are professional writers from diverse backgrounds and are encouraged to practice their freedom of speech, opinions, and expression of thought regarding solo performance in their written pieces posted on All About Solo. We acknowledge that when performers and theatre companies present their shows in public, they open their work up to varying critical responses. the form of solo art can be very personal. Many artists choose to tell their own stories and/or portray real persons on stage. Nonetheless, any critique offered in a review is not meant to be personal. When All About Solo reviews stage productions, it does not comment on any private individuals portrayed. It considers them as dramatic characters only – even if the production claims to represent the true facts and lives of individuals. The Staff Writers of All About Solo are first and foremost spectators who attend a solo performance because they express a deep interest in the work. All About Solo respects their right, as audience members and independent thinkers, to form opinions based on what they have seen or experienced while attending a show. Because audience members come from all walks of life, sometimes an individual does not leave a performance with the vision that the artists meant to convey. Artists may choose to take a reviewer’s thoughts into account when continuing to develop their show, but we encourage them to remember that these views are subjective, however thoughtful and well‑considered. All About Solo also acknowledges the selective nature of what is mentioned and not mentioned in a review. Our Staff Writers are expected to critically review the general outline and themes of a specific piece, but they cannot represent every detail. A detail that an artist considers crucial may not make the same impression on a reviewer, whose interests may gravitate toward another aspect of the production. While artists naturally prefer to receive positive reviews, All About Solo believes that any well‑considered and constructive review can be of value to a production. Solo performers put themselves out there, and so do our Staff Writers. Respect for differences of opinion in the arts is evidence of a healthy and diverse culture with a multiplicity of perspectives. It is advisable for those who choose to engage with feedback from the media to do so professionally and understand that any public performance becomes subject to various interpretations and opinions formed by audience members, who have the freedom to express their views. Thank you for your consideration.


By All About Solo Staff


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